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VSL - a new favourite Hiab feature

MD 2006/42/EC place high requirements on stability supervision and safety.  We set out, not only to comply, but to find solutions that would add value.  Hence, we now can present new, innovative features that make it possible to find light and lean combinations of truck size and stabilizer equipment.  The two can now be combined in a unique way - to give even better capacity in certain, critical, working areas than other cranes in the same range.  So perhpas you can go for smaller, and lighter, stabilizer extensions since you don't have to refrain from crane capacity in positions were it is needed.  It is possible.

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New Machinery Directive features in a nutshell - for Hiab XS loader cranes

Hiab Loader Cranes - Custom-made cranes for highest productivity

The Hiab Loader Crane product portfolio comprises cranes covering the entire range of laoding capacities.  Together we define your needs and tailer make the crane to match your requirest in every details.  The lifting capacity of our loader cranes spans from 1 to 92 tonne metres with an outreach between 2 to over 30 metres.


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